Auto Odor Killer® Gallon

Auto Odor Killer neutralizes difficult odors in vehicles, such as gasoline, spoiled milk, cat urine, vomit, or old food. Auto Odor Killer does not mask odors. It’s a proprietary blend of organic based chemicals that is safe and effective. For easy ordering, select from any of our sizes available in Auto Odor Killer. We offer 3oz, 16oz, and 32oz spray bottles, along with a 20 pack of wipes, and 1 gallon jugs.


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Embedded automobile odors are in the fabric, carpet, and headliner. Vacuum surfaces first. To use Auto Odor Killer with your preferred size, soak carpet and fabric and let dry. Use a saturated cloth to wipe down surfaces & headliner one section at a time, and allow to dry. Wipe off any white residue with a clean, damp cloth. Re-apply as needed until the smell is gone. Visit our instructions and FAQ pages for more information.

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16 oz. Spray, 3 oz. Spray, 32 oz. Spray, Gallon, Wipes (20 pack)


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