• Is Get the Stink Out Safe?
    AnswerGet the Stink Out uses Certified Organic Components that naturally neutralize odors. All ingredients are Food Grade and Biodegradable so they can be used right on clothing, kitchen surfaces, and pets. Get the Stink Out is unlike so many other "odor control" products that use harsh and toxic chemicals.
  • What is the white residue that is left?
    AnswerGet the Stink Out may leave a light white residue depending on the amount used on the surface. This is actually a good thing because that white residue will actually continue to fight the odors for weeks to months after application. So having the white residue inside your shoes is not a big deal. But if you get a white residue on your furniture or upholstery, it can easily be removed with a clean, damp cloth.
  • What is the most effective way to use Get the Stink Out?
    Answer For surfaces that have heavy soil. First clean the area with a wet cloth and soap or vacuum the spot. In most cases the area will appear clean but the odor will still be present. Spray the area thoroughly with Get the Stink Out and let dry. This is very important. Once dry, if any odor is still present , you may need to apply a second application. If the odor has soaked through the surface, such as cat urine in carpet and padding, open the bottle and pour directly over the spot and let it dry. Spray top surface. Wipe any white residue with a wet cloth.
  • How many applications does it take to eliminate the odor?
    AnswerMost odors are neutralized in one application. Remember, we are not masking the odor with some other smell for instant gratification. Our product must dry to become effective. However, unlike other products that mask an odor temporarily, Get The Stink Out continues to work long after application. Depending on the severity of the smell, more applications may be necessary until smell is neutralized.